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From Iwao Togo <>
Subject Subversion Client on z/OS
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2013 06:00:20 GMT
Hi, If you provide us any information about the subject, we'd be very happy.

Currently we are using CVS for Open platform SCM tool. We are going to move to SVN soon.
At the same time we want use SVN for CICS/DB2 COBOL source code currently edited by z/OS ISPF
We don't want to change any build environment.
Expecting scenario is as follows:
1. CICS/DB2 master source code are in SVN repository on LINUX platform.
2. Developer CHECK-OUT some source code members form the SVN repository to  z/OS PDS(Partitioned
Data Set) edited by ISPF.
3. Developer works, update the code, compile, link/edit  on z/OS environment using ISPF/SDSF.
4. Then, the developer COMMIT their code to the SVN repository.

  a) Is there any SVN client available for z/OS implementing my scenario above????
       I found a couple experiences on this subject, but the results was NOT clear.

  b) If it is there, where does the executable module run?? It runs on ISPF command line???

  c) If you have any best practice on this subject please let me know.

Any comments would be very useful for us. Thanks in advanced, best regards,  

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