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From "Michael Kaufmann" <>
Subject Re: "svn info" does not work with symlink to different working copy
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2013 22:58:11 GMT
> > I have not found anything about this behavior in the bug tracker.
> > Is this "by design" or is it a Subversion bug?
> I'm pretty sure there's an issue filed for this already.  I'd have
> expected a search for "symlink" to turn it up.

This issue is the "closest match" that I have found: "Symbolic links are sometimes traversed"
( )

Do you think that this is the same problem? If not... shall I file a new bug report?

> The whole topic of 'symlink to working copy' (and whether the symlink
> itself is versioned of not) is... fun.  Maybe it's better in 1.8 than in
> 1.7?  I didn't follow development in that area closely.

The symlink is itself versioned. I have built Subversion 1.8.0-dev and checked whether it
fixes the problem, but the error message is exactly the same as in 1.7.8.

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