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From Matthew Pounsett <>
Subject Unexpected conflicts merging updates from trunk to a branch
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 14:19:47 GMT

I've been running into unexpected tree conflicts when updating branches from the trunk, after
reintegrating to the trunk where and file adds or removes were involved in the reintegrate.
 I expect I'm doing something wrong here, but I haven't been able to figure out what.  Can
someone point me in the right direction?   Here's a simple example that demonstrates my issue.

In this case my server is 1.7.5 and my client is the MacOS client 1.6.17.

~/Development/svn-test > svn update
At revision 30.

~/Development/svn-test > cd branches/

~/Development/svn-test/branches > svn cp ^/trunk mybranch
Checked out revision 30.
A         mybranch

~/Development/svn-test/branches > svn commit -m "created mybranch"
Adding         branches/mybranch

Committed revision 31.

~/Development/svn-test/branches > cd mybranch/

~/Development/svn-test/branches/mybranch > touch foo

~/Development/svn-test/branches/mybranch > svn add foo
A         foo

~/Development/svn-test/branches/mybranch > svn commit -m "added file foo"
Adding         mybranch/foo
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 32.

# Not necessary.. just being paranoid for demonstration purposes.
~/Development/svn-test/branches/mybranch > svn merge ^/trunk

~/Development/svn-test/branches/mybranch > cd ../../trunk/

~/Development/svn-test/trunk > svn merge --reintegrate ^/branches/mybranch
--- Merging differences between repository URLs into '.':
A    foo

# Again, probably not necessary.
~/Development/svn-test/trunk > svn update
At revision 32.

~/Development/svn-test/trunk > svn commit -m "reintegrated mybranch"
Sending        trunk
Adding         trunk/foo

Committed revision 33.

~/Development/svn-test/trunk > cd ../branches/mybranch/

~/Development/svn-test/branches/mybranch > svn update
At revision 33.

# With this merge I expect to pick up any changes that are the results of
# any reintegration from other branches, but not changes I reintegrated from 
# this branch already.
~/Development/svn-test/branches/mybranch > svn merge ^/trunk
--- Merging r33 into '.':
   C foo
Summary of conflicts:
  Tree conflicts: 1

~/Development/svn-test/branches/mybranch > svn status
 M      .
      C foo
      >   local add, incoming add upon merge

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