I am not a subscriber so please cc: me on any responses. I appreciate itů.

Now to the issue:

I have an svn archive that a student of mine was using in March.  I am trying to access the files in the archive, however, when I try to access it, I get the following error:

   Found format '5', only created by unreleased dev builds.

The release notes say that it is because I am using an archive that was created with the 1.7 alpha3 version.

I tried going back to previous versions of tortoisesvn to see if I might find one that has the 1.7 alpha3 version so I could unpack the svn and get the files back. Unfortunately, their various beta and rc versions did not have the correct subversion version.

The suggestion from the tortoisesvn mailing list is that if I get the 1.7 alpha3 version, I can use svnadmin to extract the files and then reload them into a valid system.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find an archived download of the 1.7 alpha3 version in order to try to see if the svnadmin extraction will work.

Does anyone have a copy of that version so I can give this a shot.

We have not been able to find any other way to get access to the files in there and they are very important.

BTW - I am not convinced that this will solve our problem, but it is the next step to try. It doesn't make sense that he was using the latest svn version and was using the alpha3 release in March of this year when it was out in mid 2011. It feels like something else is goofed up with this archive.

Thanks for anyone that can help us.