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From Stefan Sperling <>
Subject Re: svn conflict, svn info message incorrect?
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2012 23:02:34 GMT
On Thu, Nov 08, 2012 at 05:52:07PM +0200, Kiren Pillay wrote:
> Hi
> I've notices a change in the svn info output when I have a tree conflict.

What change did you notice? You're only showing one instance of output.
What has changed? And which releases of Subversion are you comparing?

> The left and right are from the same branch. Is this correct? (svn 1.7
> client to 1.6 server).
> kiren@Pillay2:~/Documents/workspace-TRUNK/newServer$ svn info
> business_services/pams-bs-subscriber-account/src/main/java/za/co/vodacom/pams/bs/subscriber/
> Path:
> business_services/pams-bs-subscriber-account/src/main/java/za/co/vodacom/pams/bs/subscriber/
> Name:
> Working Copy Root Path: /home/kiren/Documents/workspace-TRUNK/newServer
> URL: svn://bcx-svn/
> Repository Root: svn://bcx-svn/
> Repository UUID: 5545304e-a938-48f1-8c5a-7cf7c6df13d1
> Revision: 10708
> Node Kind: file
> Schedule: normal
> Last Changed Author: aaronm
> Last Changed Rev: 10610
> Last Changed Date: 2012-10-29 09:11:10 +0200 (Mon, 29 Oct 2012)
> Text Last Updated: 2012-11-07 16:18:50 +0200 (Wed, 07 Nov 2012)
> Checksum: e26a87463a2fb2509c669d6cc1f7e584a50ce5a5
> Tree conflict: local add, incoming add upon merge
>   Source  left: (file)
> ^/pams/newServer/branches/v2-0-0-QA/business_services/pams-bs-subscriber-account/src/main/java/za/co/vodacom/pams/bs/subscriber/
>   Source right: (file)
> ^/pams/newServer/branches/v2-0-0-QA/business_services/pams-bs-subscriber-account/src/main/java/za/co/vodacom/pams/bs/subscriber/
> Regards
> Kiren

I think this is how it is supposed to be.
These fields describe the "merge left" and "merge right" sides of the
incoming delta which produced the incoming addition (in the merge "source").
They do not describe the two conflicting addition operations which led
to the tree conflict. You'll need to figure out the conflicting addition
on the merge target branch by looking at the log of the merge target branch.
Does that make sense?

Did you use the --reintegrate option to run the merge which produced this
conflict? It seems you're merging a branch back into trunk, and forgetting
to pass the --reintegrate option is a common cause of unnecessary tree
conflicts during such merges. Just mentioning this in case you forgot
about using the ---reintegrate option.

By the way, I agree that Subversion should in general do a better job at
explaining the root cause of tree conflicts. It should also guide users
through conflict resolution interactively to make these conflicts easier
to resolve. Subversion would benefit a lot from improvements in this area.

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