we currently have multiple repositories but want to merge all of these for various reasons but am running into a problem.
Here's what we have now: 
Repositories A and B, they have no paths in common, except for /, because repository A has /trunk, /branches, /tags while B has /project[x]/branches,...
What I tried is to svnadmin dump B and svnadmin load it into A. Obviously the revision numbers are different but otherwise everything is there and this appears to be a good sollution. 
However, when I try to svn relocate the working copies from repository B to repository A because the UUID is different between the 2 servers. I had hoped I would be able to just relocate and after an update svn would see nothing changed between the version number increase and just accept it. 

I now have 2 questions I can't seem to find an answer to:
- Is there a way to merge the repositories without having to checkout all working copies again? I only found references to how to do it by editing the metadata of the working copy with sqlite but that just doesn't sound like a healthy path to choose. 
- Is the concept of dumping a repository and loading into another repository that already have revisions something safe? Or is this risky (one odd thing that's instantly visible is that revisions with high numbers can be older than revisions with lower numbers?)

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