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From Gautier DI FOLCO <>
Subject Re: 200 OK error on update with files that contain non-alphanumeric characters
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 16:18:43 GMT
2012/10/19 Ulrich Eckhardt <>

> This looks weird, "200 OK" actually means "success"...

That's why I'm a little bit unsettled.

> Try "svn ls <remote URL>" to see the actual content. The problem could be
> that you really checked in those files urlencoded by accident (I assume you
> mean e.g. %20 instead of space).

Yes, example:

> As far as Subversion is concerned, there is surely no repository-side
> problem, because the repository stores paths as Unicode and doesn't care
> for spaces. It could only be that an ancient server version allowed paths
> with invalid encodings, it didn't always verify those, which effectively
> causes an invalid repository.
I think it is no the problem because filenames seem encoded.

> The problem I could imagine is the client side, where your filesystem must
> support the encoding and also the locale must be configured correctly.
> Lastly, if these are correct, there is also the possibility that there is
> some implementation issue with the client/server communication.
> I would
>  - Verify that the locale is set up correctly.
>  - Try a different OS.
I tried on windows XP and fedora, I have the same issue.

>  - Try a different access method, svn:// or file://, the latter of course
> only on a local copy of the repository.

2012/10/19 Stefan Sperling <>

> This 200 OK error is always bogus and a 1.6.x bug. It doesn't tell
> anyone anything so you're unlikely to get help based on this
> information.
> The real error message is hidden within the server response body which
> probably fails to parse because of invalid XML or something similar.
> Are you able to reproduce the error with a 1.7 client?

I have the error on the svn command version 1.7.6.

Is any error logged on the server?
[error] Provider encountered an error while streaming a REPORT response.
[404, #0]
[error] A failure occurred while driving the update report editor  [404,
[error] Working copy path 'aa \xc3\xa0' does not exist in repository  [404,

> Note that 1.6.15 was released in November 2010, so you're missing out
> on almost 2 years worth of bug fixes. The problem might already have
> been fixed. Are you able to try to reproduce the problem with a more
> recent release of Subversion on the server?
I know, I'm on CentOS 5.8, I can't upgrade svn any more :/

Thanks for your answers.

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