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From Gautier DI FOLCO <>
Subject Re: Forcing the association of the author
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 04:49:33 GMT
2012/10/16 Andy Levy <>

> You cannot allow anonymous commits if you want to capture the
> committer's name. IOW, you need to require authentication and that
> requires that you prompt for a password (also, consider this: if you
> don't enforce passwords, a malicious user can commit things to the
> repository and impersonate someone else - do you *really* want a
> complete lack of accountability?). See

Thanks, in fact my user is already checked.
I found a configuration which works:

        AuthType Basic
        AuthName Jenkins
        AuthBasicProvider anon
        Anonymous *
        Require valid-user

Solved, thanks for you help.

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