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From Ravi Roy <>
Subject Advice on migration from 32 bit platform to 64 bit
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2012 06:32:47 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I have one master and two write-through proxy running on CentOS 5.4,
LDAP, Apache httpd 2.2.21 with Subversion 1.6.1 -- 32 bit. Becuase of
memory requirements and efficient use of hardware resource pool, I
plan to migrate to 64 bit OS and rest of the stuff.
Is there a possiblity of incompatibilities between 32 bit sqlite and
64 bit sqlite in terms of migration of repositories? Just want to have
the experiences of everyone before I go ahead with the same.
Or would be better if anything is known which may break in this scenario.

I plan to migrate to CentOS 5.8, Apache httpd 2.2.23, OpenLDAP 2.4.33
and Subversion 1.6.18.

I normally do not use pre-compiled binaries but compile and install
Apache httpd, Subversion, OpenLDAP from source myself.

Thanks in advance for sharing experiences!

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