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From Martin Bischoff <>
Subject How to merge a rename of a folder
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 15:23:30 GMT
I have a project which is being developed on /trunk, and at the same time I
have a branch (/branches/1.x) for maintenance of version 1.x.

Now I'd like to rename a folder of the project, e.g. /trunk/a to /trunk/b.
The same folder should also be renamed on the maintenance branch, so that
future bugfixes (made inside /trunk/b) can be merged to the branch.

If I merge the revision (in which /trunk/a was renamed to /trunk/b) to the
branch, then it seems that files inside /branches/1.x/b will then be
identical copies of the files inside /trunk/b at the HEAD revision. This
means, that for example, any changes made directly on /branches/a/text.txt
are then lost.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong!

What is the correct procedure to merge a rename of a folder to a branch?

Should I rename the folder independently on both trunk and the branch? Will
I then still be able to merge changes from /trunk/b to /branches/1.x/b?

BTW: I'm using the current version of TortoiseSVN, so I can't give the
exact svn commands that were used.

Thanks a lot for any help.


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