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From Jason Heeris <>
Subject svndumpfilter does not exclude some files
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2012 01:57:48 GMT
I am trying to use svndumpfilter to remove specific files and
directories from a repository dump, but I can't seem to remove all of

Some of the files are, for example:

  /specs/[01234] product x spec.pdf

There are other files in other top-level directories, but they all
have that "[xxxxx]" prefix.

There are also some directories I'm filtering out such as:

  /results/RST-0001 (v0.01) #001

I created a text file to list these excluded path prefixes. I enter
each directory into it verbatim, but for the files I just enter the
prefix up to and including the "[01234]" part (to catch any moves,
renames, etc). So my "excludes.txt" contains something like

  ...bunch of similar path prefixes
  /results/RST-0001 (v0.01) #001
  ...bunch of similar path prefixes

I use 'svnadmin dump' to dump the repository contents, and then run

  svndumpfilter exclude --targets "excludes.txt" < repo-01.dump >
repo-02.dump 2> filter.log

Unfortunately, only the directories (the second kind of entries in my
'excludes.txt') seem to get filtered. Looking in 'filter.log', there's
no mention of removing the files starting with "[xxxxx]", but it does
explicitly say that the other directories were removed (although it
doesn't list all the files under them). Loading the resulting dump
file into a repository, the files are certainly still there, but the
directories aren't.

I've also tried putting a "*" on the end of each line and using the
"--pattern" argument, but the files are still not filtered out.

So how do I get svndumpfilter to get rid of these files from my
repository? Each dump/load cycle takes about seven hours, so I'm not
really able to try a lot of trial and error.

All of this is done on Windows Server 2003. Versions of both svnadmin
and svndump are 1.7.5 (r1336830), and they're the binaries that come
with VisualSVN server 2.5.5.

Please CC me on replies.

— Jason Heeris

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