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From Manohar Paduri <>
Subject Do we need to use svn --reintegrate for branch to branch merge in SVN 1.6.19
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 09:10:40 GMT

I have one single doubt on SVN --reintegrate option. If you can clarify this would be great.

There three repositories one of them is trunk other two are branches made with svn copy command.

 1.  SVN/Path/to/trunk
 2.  SVN/Path/to/branch/T1
 3.  SVN/Path/to/branch/T2

Now both T1 and T2 branches work independently for a while and at some point

1) T2 decides it should bring in all T1 changes to its T2 branch and issues simple below cmd

 *   svn co SVN/Path/to/branch/T2 T2localpath
 *   Cd T2localpath
 *   svn merge SVN/Path/to/branch/T1 .
 *   Svn ci .

2) after above step T1 also decides to bring everything from T2 to its T1 branch and run below

 *   svn co SVN/Path/to/branch/T1 T1localpath
 *   Cd T1localpath
 *   svn merge SVN/Path/to/branch/T2 .
 *   Svn ci .

Now my doubt is in second step of merge back from T2 to T1, is it needed to run "-reintegrate"
option here and what will happen if we miss it.

I ask this here because we are on SVN v1.6.19 and I merge only b/w branch to branch not to
trunk. Currently, I am not using this option and I did not find any issue, but I do have more
than two branches to merge & reverse merge.



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