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From David Aldrich <David.Aldr...@EMEA.NEC.COM>
Subject Help needed: 'History scheduled with commit'
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 08:20:19 GMT

We have just merged a branch into the trunk (reintegration), but have not committed the merge
because some files are marked as 'History scheduled with commit'.  We don't know what to do
about these.

A new folder was added to the branch.  That folder is marked 'Added' in the merge, but the
files that it contained are marked 'History scheduled with commit' and do not appear in the
list of files that will be added.

svn stat output:

A  +             -     4754  ?         folder1
   +             -     4754  ?         folder1\folder2
   +             -     4201 username   folder1\ folder2\file1
   +             -     4201 username   folder1\ folder2\file2

I want the folder AND its contents to be merged into the trunk.

How do I fix this please?

Best regards


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