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From chroyer <>
Subject ignore ancestry and record only
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 19:07:01 GMT
Hi all, 

I was wondering if the following scenario makes sense, or if this is asking for problems.

* I am regularly merging differences between 2 trees (I won't go in too much details here...those
tree are not really under my control; I put those them in the tags area, and I want to merge
the changes between 2 consecutive such snapshots. In my case, I can not just use a branch
and update it with the latest version - the tree gets modifications before being tagged).

* to merge the differences between 2 snapshots, I am using --ignore-ancestry (otherwise I
see a lot of files being "replaced"). This works great 

* since --ignore-ancestry makes me loose the merge info, before I commit the merge results,
I merge again but this time with --record-only (and without --ignore-ancestry) 

* now I can commit and it seems that I have the best of both worlds... 

I think this is more an svn question (but I am using I am using tsvn 1.6.16). The server is
svn 1.6.17 
Does anyone have experience with similar scenario? 

Thank you, 

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