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From CHAZAL Julien <>
Subject SvnAdmin: impossible to load dump generated by "cvs2svn"
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2012 09:03:33 GMT
Hi all,
I manage a Subversion server that has the following configuration :
- SVN 1.6.9
- FSFS storage mode
- Apache + mod_dav + subversion modules
- Linux Suse Enterprise Edition 32-bit

I have to perform a CVS to SVN migration.  I use the tool "cvs2svn" to generate a dump file
from my CVS server and I use the "svnadmin" command to load this dump file on my Subversion
target server. I use a binary transfer mode with SFTP when I have to move a dump from my former
CVS server to my SVN server.

I did this operation for many CVS repositories and it works fine, except for ONE repository
(size around 300 MB) where I encounter the following error:
- 'vnadmin: Dump stream contains a malformed header (with no ':') at '

I tried to regenerate many times my dump file from cvs2svn tool. I checked the header of this
dump fil and it sounds good (I compared it with other dump from cvs2svn tool). I took a look
on the web and I find a command to clear the dump file obtained by cvs2svn, but anyway, it
doesn't work too: I can't load this dump file. As I have ever said, the error above concern
an only ONE cvs repository. Actually, I can load all others repositories from the same CVS
server to the same SVN server by using the same commands and operations.

You'll find below the commands I use to perform my migration :
- CVS side: cvs2svn --dumpfile=DUMP_FILE.dump CVS_REPO --symbol-default=heuristic --encoding='latin1'
- SVN side: svnadmin load MY_REPO_PATH < DUMP_FILE.dump

Is there somebody know the reason why I encounter this error? Any idea about how to resolve
this issue?




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