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On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 11:27 AM, Tilsley, Jerry M.
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> The repository is the basic one for RHEL 6.2, I haven't added any others.  The issue is that this is installed by root, so it finds one set of libraries and compiles for that.  Then when my other user tries to commit I get the error that Sqlite was compiled for 3.6.20 but using 3.6.4.  I need this to be installed and compiled with the 3.6.4, but I cannot figure out how to get yum to pull that one in.
Sorry, I'm going by a Centos install which is usually the same but
maybe there is some difference.   On Centos, sqlite 3.6.20 is the
current stock version and what other packages should expect.   I'd
look at the problem the other way and figure out why your other user has something out of date in his library path.
The user has an out of date package because the user and package are part of a large data interfacing system for a hospital.  I would like for that user to be able to check scripts in, but because of the vendor system relies on the older version of sqlite, the user has to use that version.
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