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From slaventii <>
Subject Re: Subversion authentication via SASL GSSAPI and likewise open
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2012 19:56:11 GMT
> Huh? How do you arrive at 23 %? According to these numbers, https is
> almost twice as fast here.
Sorry for mistake. Should be:
up svn:// ~ 0m 19sec
up https:// ~ 0m 35 sec
up svn vs https perf, % ~ > 23%

> That could very well be the reason here why your tests with 1.7 server
> are slower. I suppose it's reasonable to expect that
> SVNCompressionLevel 0 makes checkout slower on a 100 Mbit connection.
> On a 1 Gbit connection the situation could be different, and it might
> make it faster because CPU (for compression) might become the
> bottleneck.
> It might be interesting to repeat your tests with 1.7 server with a
> default SVNCompressionLevel (which would then be the same compression
> as your older server).

As I know compression appeared only in svn 1.7 and a didn't make any
setup with compression level in svn 1.5.3 and 1.6.17.
"Subversion 1.7 offers the --compression (-c) option to svnserve and
the SVNCompressionLevel directive for mod_dav_svn. Both accept a value
which is an integer between 0 and 9 (inclusive), where 9 offers the
best compression of wire data, and 0 disables compression altogether."

I done some tests with compression=9, but by my mistake it was with client 1.5.4
Will try again with client 1.7.4 and default compression=5 and max=9.

First test result:
co https:// - 39m 17sec - compression level =9

cat /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dav_svn.conf
<IfModule dav_svn_module>
      # Enable a 1 Gb Subversion data cache for both fulltext and deltas.
      SVNInMemoryCacheSize 1048576
      SVNCacheTextDeltas On
      SVNCacheFullTexts On
      SVNCompressionLevel 9
      SVNAdvertiseV2Protocol On

> Some tests with the same hardware/software combinations over a 1 Gbit
> connection might also be very interesting, but I suppose it'll be hard
> for you to set up this environment.

You are right, but is possible. When I have more free time.

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