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From Joachim Sauer <>
Subject Repairing or removing broken revisions
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2012 12:24:16 GMT

I'm currently reworking backups of multiple SVN repositories. In the
process I found out that one of those repositories has three broken
revisions. The problem is that the revision files in the revs
directory for those 3 revisions are of size 0 (those contain the
actual data of the revision, as far as I understand). This means that
I can't use svn dump (as it stops at that broken revision) and I can't
use svnsync.

For the backup itself I can still use svn hotcopy (the previous way of
doing a backup), so this will be my workaround.

I was able to find out the affected paths in the repository and
luckily the latest revision of those paths can be checked out without
a problem (so we "only" lost history, not current data).

But a broken repository is not desirable and I should attempt to fix
it as much as possible. Losing the information of those three
revisions (and a few related ones, probably) would not be a major
problem, but the repository as a whole should be in a consistent state
(to allow svnadmin dump to work, for example).

Is there a way to remove the broken revisions and still keep the rest
of the repository intact? Ideally without requiring everyone to make
new clean checkouts because the repository became incompatible.

Joachim Sauer

P.S.: unfortunately there are no working backups of the broken
revisions, as the corruption seems to be pretty old (older than our
last full backup).

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