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From William Soula <>
Subject RE: Reintegrate Branch and mergeinfo
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2012 15:54:41 GMT
Forgot to say I am using svn 1.6

From: William Soula []
Sent: Friday, August 03, 2012 10:39 AM
Subject: Reintegrate Branch and mergeinfo

I just joined this list a few minutes ago so hopefully replies to the list will get to me,
without needing to cc me.  When we branch we change the groupID and some other values in the
poms of our modules.  When we merge back we have to be extremely careful not to merge the
pom changes back to trunk.  I would like to somehow have the merge ignore the commit that
changed the pom values.  I thought using --record-only would be the solution to my problem
but it doesn't appear to be working the way I expect.  Below are the commands I am running.

Svn commit -m 'Update poms to reflect new groupId.' ${working.copy}
Svn update
Svnversion -> and save in property "rev"
Svn co ${project.base.url}/${} ${trunk}
Cd ${trunk}
Svn merge -c ${rev} --record-only ${branch.url}
Svn commit -m 'commit a record-only merge of ${rev} so trunk will never get the pom/project
value changes'

In this case ${rev} was equal to 67615.  If I run the following command I get a list of 67617,
67623, and 67624 which are my actual code changes:
Svn mergeinfo -show-revs eligible [branch URL] [trunk URL]

After this I go to my local trunk copy and do an update.  Then if I run this command:
Svn merge --reintegrate [branch URL]
I get the pom changes I don't want

But if I run this command:
Svn merge [branch URL]
Then I get only the actual changes and not the pom changes.

Am I doing something wrong here, or will reintegrate not work with the fact that I want to
ignore a specific commit?  I've been trying to read about reintegrate vs regular merge and
have gotten kinda confused.  The best I came up with was that you don't want to do a regular
merge when merging the feature branch back to trunk because the revision range won't be contiguous
because of trunk merges throughout the life cycle of the branch.  And that reintegrate isn't
doing what I want it to because it takes the point the branch was created and does a diff
with the trunk and just ignores mergeinfo.


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