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From "Leonardo Laface de Almeida" <>
Subject Libraries and projects into SVN
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2012 12:14:47 GMT


We desire to insert some projects into SVN and we have now to deal with some
witch uses the same library. The developers here said that we always
actualize the last library in order to be compatible with the older ones. 


We have talked about it and we think we have to create an individual
repository for the library and the developers should actualize it very often
manually. I mean, every time someone wants to change some project, he must
to check out the project version and the libraries versions required for it.
After developing or correction, the developer must actualize the project and
the libraries separated.


My questions are:


1)      Is that right? I mean, Is there any better other way to control
versions of  libraries used for several projects?


2)      Is it possible in SVN to make it automatic ? In other words, when
the developer actualize (commit, merge, etc...) some project, is it possible
to actualize the libraries together? One of us said it's possible to do this
in GIT using sub-repositories. Is it possible in SVN? If so, is there any
tutorial or advices to do this?


I'm already glad for answers.  






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