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From Dharma <>
Subject "[digester]" Apache commons Digester Custom rule.....
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2012 17:19:27 GMT

 It would be great if i get solution for the below mentioned problem.

 I have a class which has only private constructor(two parameterised) and
need to access the static variable of that class using digester.  I
understand that to access static variable of a class, need to use digester
custom rule.  Since am new to digester, if i get sample code for custom
rule / list of steps to write custom rule would solve my problem.

 Please find below code snippet


  public class OrderStatus

     private char type = ' ';

     public static final char A_TYPE = 'A';

     public static final char T_TYPE = 'T';

     public static final OrderStatus A = new OrderStatus(A_TYPE);  // Need
to get OrderStatus.A using digester

      public static final OrderStatus T = new OrderStatus(T_TYPE); // Need
to get OrderStatus.T using digester

      private OrderStatus(char type)
       this.type = type;




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