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From Sam Johnson <>
Subject Does 'svnamin load' invalidate existing working directories?
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 15:52:06 GMT
I recently used svn dump / svndumpfilter to extract a partial path from one
repository. The dump was created successfully, and I dropped empty revs and
renumbered revs.

I used 'svnadmin load --ignore-uid MyRepo < test.dump' to load the dump
into an existing repository. The repo had 19 revisions before I started and
svnadmin load ran successfully, reporting the addition of 5 revisions.

if I go to an existing working directory for this repo and and run update,
it reports "At revision 19", instead of updating to revision 24. Using the
TortoiseSVN repository browser on this working directory, I don't see any
evidence of my loaded changes. However, If I checkout the repository into a
new working folder, it correctly reports all 24 revisions, and the
TortoiseSVN repository browser shows all 24 revisions.

Is this expected behavior? Do I have to tell my users to delete their
working copies, and re-check-out, if I run svnadmin load?


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