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From Konstantin Petrukhnov <>
Subject error "does not overlap target's URL" in eclipse during relocate
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 10:08:13 GMT
Not sure if this right place ask about subversion issue in eclipse.

I tried to relocate svn repo in Eclipse (). And after entering new
one, I got error message:
Invalid relocation svn: invalidSourceURL prefix:
'http://svnserver.local/svn/repo' (does not overlap target's URL)
If I specify invalid url (or port) it give another error, so this
appear when it able to connect to svn server.

I found that in file:
there is line that compare:
 if ((from_len > old_url_len) || ...)
    return svn_error_createf ...

So if new url is longer, it always give that error. Is there any
workaround? Or should i use another svn client in meanwhile?

Kind regards,
Konstantin Petrukhnov

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