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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: Strange diffs after rsync copying of working copy
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 16:54:14 GMT
Johan Holmberg <> writes:

>> A similar problem here, the file in the repository should have \n line
>> endings but the file has some \r\n line endings.  Once again committing
>> the file should fix the problem (although mixed line endings may cause
>> the commit to fail and require you to make them consistent before
>> committing).
> But here my working copy files are already UNIX text files (no \r\n
> line endings). And Subversion refuses to commit unchanges
> files.

Are you trying to commit when status shows nothing (that won't work) or
when status shows the files as modified? I'd expect the latter to work.

> Perhaps I should:
> - temporarily remove the "svn:eol-style native" settings + commit
> - then remove any \r\n + commit
> - finally add back the "svn:eol-style native" attribute
> Or is there some easier way? (this three-step process seemed to work
> for the first file I tried).

Add a blank line?  You could use 'svnmucc put' but doing that is the
sort of thing that causes the problem in the first place.


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