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From Markus Schaber <>
Subject AW: Software Subversion
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 09:52:54 GMT
Hi, Nico,

Von: Nico Kadel-Garcia [] 
>> Other than that issue, subversion is GPL and it's restrictions apply.
> No, it's an Apache license:

That's true for current SVN releases, older ones (before the migration to came
with a different (but equally "free") license.

But keep in mind that Subversion (and their language bindings or distribution forms) include/need
a bunch of 3rd party libraries which come with other licenses. Here's the list of licenses
we have to obey for SharpSVN, with a short categorization by me (IANAL!):

Subversion itself, APR, APR-Utils, Serf, SharpSVN: Apache License 2.0

Cyrus SASL: Free license with Attribution clause

Neon: GNU LGPL V2.0

OpenSSL: Free license with kind of advertising clause and attribution clause

PuTTY: (Brought in e. G. by SharpSVN in the default build): Free license.

ZLib: Free license

Berkeley DB Library: We patched that one out of our build, as its clause 3 states: "Redistributions
in any form must be accompanied by information on how to obtain complete source code for the
DB software and any accompanying software that uses the DB software. [...]" This clause was
interpreted by our lawyers as a GPL-Like obligation to open our complete source code to our

Best regards

Markus Schaber
We software Automation.

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