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From Markus Schaber <>
Subject Problem with reverting
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 15:27:13 GMT

I have a directory foo with tree conflict: local add of foo and a file foo/bar, and then an
update trying to add the same foo and foo/bar. Now, I try to revert using SharpSVN, which
internally calls svn_client_revert_2(). I give the path of the directory and the file, and
a depth of "files". Then I get the Exception Can't revert 'C:\Users\{...}\foo' without reverting

I can reproduce that on the command line, getting the additional hint that I should use --depth="infinity"
instead. That seems to indicate that reverts of added directories always need --depth="infinity",
despite the fact that all existing children are also mentioned in the argument list.

C:\{...}\svnwc>svn status
R     C Device\Plc Logic\Application\Library Manager
      >   local add, incoming add upon update
A       Device\Plc Logic\Application\Library Manager\svnobj
Summary of conflicts:
  Tree conflicts: 1

C:\{...}\svnwc>svn revert --depth=files "Device\Plc Logic\Application\Library Manager"
"Device\Plc  Logic\Application\Library Manager\svnobj"
svn: E155038: Try 'svn revert --depth infinity' instead?
svn: E155038: Can't revert 'C:\{...}\svnwc\Device\Plc Logic\Application\Library Manager' without
r everting children

The strange thing is that if I change the order of arguments, it works without errors, but
misses to restore the "svnobj" file from the repository, marking it as "deleted" - despite
the fact that both --depth=files and the file's path are given on the command line.

C:\{...}\svnwc>svn revert --depth=files "Device\Plc Logic\Application\Library Manager\svnobj"
"Dev ice\Plc Logic\Application\Library Manager"
Reverted 'Device\Plc Logic\Application\Library Manager\svnobj'
Reverted 'Device\Plc Logic\Application\Library Manager'I'm using the latest SharpSVN build
1.7002.2011, and command line 1.7.2 (r1207936)

C:\{...}\svnwc>svn status
D       Device\Plc Logic\Application\Library Manager\svnobj

I guess that this was the reason why I initially sorted the arguments to revert by "parents

I always thought of operations like "revert" or "commit" to work on a set of input files,
where the order of arguments is not important, but this seems to be wrong :-(

Best regards

Markus Schaber
We software Automation.

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