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From Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Subject Re: error "does not overlap target's URL" in eclipse during relocate
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 10:35:41 GMT
Am 02.02.2012 11:08, schrieb Konstantin Petrukhnov:
> Not sure if this right place ask about subversion issue in eclipse.

I think it is, as this is a general Subversion issue, too.

> I tried to relocate svn repo in Eclipse ().

Wait: You tried to relocate a working copy, not a repository. The 
equivalent svn command line is "svn switch --relocate ..", I believe 1.7 
even introduced a real "svn relocate .." command.

> And after entering new one, I got error message:
> Invalid relocation svn: invalidSourceURL prefix:
> 'http://svnserver.local/svn/repo' (does not overlap target's URL)
> 'http://svnserver.local:8080/svn/repo/project/trunk')
> If I specify invalid url (or port) it give another error, so this
> appear when it able to connect to svn server.
> I found that in file:
> there is line that compare:
>   if ((from_len>  old_url_len) || ...)
>      return svn_error_createf ...
> So if new url is longer, it always give that error. Is there any
> workaround? Or should i use another svn client in meanwhile?

It would help if you tried the same on the commandline, just to rule out 
problems with the Eclipse plugin. Which plugin is that btw, I believe 
there are at least two in popular use...

Anyhow, a typical error when relocating is changing two things at a 
time. The only thing you are allowed to change is the URL where the 
repository is searched, you may not change the path inside the 
repository. Typically, the "project/trunk" part above is inside the 
repository and "http://svnserver.local/svn/repo" would be URL of the 
repository. If the project has its own repository (also a common setup), 
the "/project" would be part of the repo URL. This must fit your setup, 
so I can't give an answer there.

Now, for the relocate, you simply replace the repo URL with a different 
repo URL, but the path inside the repo _must_ stay the same. I'm not 
100% sure, but I believe that this is the only error that you made. If 
you got that right, try it on the commandline to rule out an error in 
the Eclipse integration. If that still fails, please show an exact 
transcript of what you did and what errors you got.

Good luck!

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