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From Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Subject Re: check-mime-type, Windows client, non-ASCII path
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 12:47:13 GMT
Am 01.02.2012 09:00, schrieb Ignacio González (Eliop):
> Clients: Windows-XP, Windows 7, svn 1.6.16 (Spanish)

Just to make sure, are you using a native MS Windows client or are you 
using Cygwin? Also, the clients differ slightly depending on the 
distribution, it would be helpful to have those, too.

> Path name (in Windows, client): C:\Usuarios\arenero\Inútil.TXT
> (note the u with an acute accent: ú)
> C:\Usuarios\arenero>svn ci acentos -m "Prueba 1"
> Adding         acentos
> Adding         acentos\In£til.TXT

Hmmm. Here something already failed, the accented u changed to a pound 
sign. Or is that just a transmission error, caused by email?

> Transmitting file data .svn: Commit failed (details follow):
> svn: Commit blocked by pre-commit hook (exit code 1) with output:
> /opt/csvn/data/repositories/telecontrol/hooks/check-mime-type:
> `/opt/csvn/bin/sv
> nlook proplist /opt/csvn/data/repositories/arenero -t 44-1e --verbose
> acentos/In
> ?\195?\186til.TXT' failed with this output:
> svnlook: Path 'acentos/In?\195?\186til.TXT' does not exist

Just for the record, I guess the ?\195?\186 could be a representation 
derived from the byte values of UTF-8, but I haven't verified that. What 
I'm not 100% sure is whether that is a fault in the hook script and how 
it handles those arguments. It would be interesting to know if this 
works with the hook script active.

> To help diagnose it, I tried to check out an already existing file with
> accents in its name (checked in before the Hook "check-mime-type" (bash)
> was added in the server).
> Check out fails.

That shouldn't happen, no matter what the hook scripts say. What exactly 
is the error? What is the name of the file?

The only reason I could imagine is when you somehow got a path into the 
repository that is invalid UTF-8. While checking out that path, the 
client would then try to transcode the UTF-8 to MS Windows' native 
UTF-16 and fail. I believe some older SVNs relied on the client sending 
well-formed UTF-8, instead of validating it server-side. With the client 
being less than perfect, this could then lead to invalid paths. How old 
is your repository? Can you back it up and run svnadmin verify on it?

That said, I have been using lots of different characters (extended 
Latin, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Indian) inside a Linux-hosted repo, 
accessed via svnserve by clients on MS Windows XP and 7 without any 
issues. The warning by Nico IMHO only applies if you want to share 
working copies between different systems, which is discouraged anyway, 
but those problems are actually not specific to SVN.

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