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From Douglas Wilson <>
Subject Re: mergeinfo marked not inheritable on sparse checkout
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 22:55:02 GMT

On Oct 22, 2:25 am, Stefan Sperling <> wrote:
> Your reproduction recipe is incomplete.

Here is (I hope) a complete reproduction:

# Create repo
mkdir -p $DIR/src/trunk/dir1
mkdir -p $DIR/src/trunk/dir2
mkdir -p $DIR/src/branches
touch $DIR/src/trunk/dir1/file1.txt
touch $DIR/src/trunk/dir2/file2.txt
svnadmin create $DIR/testrepo

# Create branch
svn cp file://$DIR/testrepo/trunk file://$DIR/testrepo/branches/testbranch
-m "Create test branch"

# Checkout just dir1
svn co --non-recursive file://$DIR/testrepo/trunk test
svn update test/dir1

# Make some changes
print "Changes" >$DIR/test/dir1/file1.txt
svn commit -m "Commit file1 changes" test

# Switch to branch and merge
cd test
svn switch file://$DIR/testrepo/branches/testbranch
svn merge -r 2:3 file://$DIR/testrepo/trunk .
svn diff

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