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From Steven Hirsch <>
Subject Odd path name
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 20:49:45 GMT
I'm seeing a nasty bug in several of the GUI front-end tools for subversion, 
and the error messages from several involved a path containing:


where 12345 is one of the revisions involved.  The complaint is about the path 
not being found, but I'm not clear on where it's coming from in the first 
place.  Neither "!svn" or "bc" are currently or were ever part of the project 
in question.

Does this ring any bells with anyone?

FYI: The situation that appears to cause problems is when a repository 
directory tree is "collapsed" by moving the contents of a nested directory to 
that directory's parent and removing the original directory.  From that point 
on, all the GUI front ends get very confused when trying to difference 
revisions of a relocated file that span the committed move.

I do not believe the problem is with SVN, per se, since command line diffs 
using the two revision numbers against the current file location work fine.

I'm thinking that path is part of SVN's bookkeeping and it would help to 
understand it in more depth.


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