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From mels630 <>
Subject commit issue after computer crash / rebuild
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 00:08:15 GMT
I maintain a personal SVN server on a separate partition of my hard 
drive (/media/SVN) (with both remote and local access). Recently, I blew 
up my main partition while trying to upgrade Ubuntu and am just getting 
everything working again.

My data directories on my home partition were not affected after the 
last unsuccessful upgrade attempt. I ended up creating a new partition 
out of empty space and putting down a fresh Ubuntu install there. Then I 
copied my data directories onto this new partition. I reinstalled SVN 
and re-established access to my SVN server, seemingly with no problem.

 From my data (/home/XXX/Work) directory, I can successfully update my 
local copy of my "Work" repository, however, when I attempt to commit 
new data, I get the following error:

XXX@YYY:~/Work$ svn commit -m "Test commit 2"
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: Can't open file '/media/SVN/Work/db/txn-current-lock': Permission 

However, I don't think permissions are the issue. From this same data 
drive, I can checkout a new version of the repository (say, to 
~/temp/Work), add a new file there, and successfully commit a new 
revision without any trouble.

Is there are way to fix whatever ails my Work directory so that I can 
commit from there without starting over again? I've got a number of 
files I've changed since my last commit, along with a lot of "raw" data 
(pdfs, image files, etc.) that are kept out of the repository (I use 
svn:ignore so that I don't see them most of the time for svn purposes) 
and would rather not have to move them all carefully into a new copy of 
the repository.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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