FWIW, my observations are that an incomplete working copy is usually *broken* and one has to do a fresh checkout. Mostly this happens when the .svn meta-files do no longer match the working copy files. This usecase _can_ happen when a program holds an exclusive lock on a file and one runs “svn up” that would have to update the locked file too. svn (1.6) would at this point fail and leave the .svn files in a strange undefined state, namely “incomplete”. I did not yet try how 1.7 behaves.




From: Wabe W [mailto:wabekoelmans@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 1:30 PM
To: users@subversion.apache.org
Subject: FW: Error when updating



After the update to SVN 1.7.1 the error that I reported in the e-mail below persists.
So, I still have the same problem and am hoping there is fix for it.

Awaiting your reply,

Wabe Koelmans.

From: wabekoelmans@hotmail.com
To: users@subversion.apache.org
Subject: Error when updating
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 14:37:37 +0000


When I click SVN update I get an error message (see below).
When I first commit something (doens't matter what), I can update only the same folder after the commit. For all other folders the update still doesn't work.
Once I get the error message it will pop up for all SVN folders. Until I commit something, again, only that folder will be available for update.

The problem arose immediately after installing SVN 1.7

Do you have a solution for this?

With kind regards,

Wabe Koelmans.

P.S. Error message:

Subversion Exception!
Subversion encountered a serious problem.
Please take the time to report this on the Subversion mailing list
with as much information as possible about what
you were trying to do.
But please first search the mailing list archives for the error message
to avoid reporting the same problem repeatedly.
You can find the mailing list archives at

Subversion reported the following
(you can copy the content of this dialog
to the clipboard using Ctrl-C):

In file
 line 11039: assertion failed (base_status == svn_wc__db_status_incomplete)