On 10/27/11 12:58, Philip Martin wrote:
Attila Nagy <bra@fsn.hu> writes:

On 10/26/11 15:37, Philip Martin wrote:
Attila Nagy<bra@fsn.hu>  writes:

I'm trying to update a working copy of some tens of GBs with svn 1.7.1
Did you upgrade with 1.7.0 or 1.7.1?
I've upgraded the WC with 1.7.0, then switched to 1.7.1, which I'm
currently using.
The upgrade took nearly one week (I can't afford a clean checkout,
because I have to preserve the files' inode numbers), at the start it
was running very fast, and at the end of the week it could print a new
directory in every 8-10 seconds, while the svn processes CPU usage was
The disks weren't touched, it seems that even with a database
completely in the OS's buffer cache the SQL operations are pretty slow
with a lot of files.
Could it be because some indexes are missing (or not optimized for
this amount of files), or it is what we could get from SQLite?
There is one query/index fix in 1.7.1 but it doesn't affect upgrade.

I've not upgraded a wc as large as yours but I have just upgraded a 5GB
working copy on my desktop machine (3 years old, not hugely powerful).
It took about 45 minutes and used about 30 minutes of CPU.  There wasn't
any noticeable slowdown as the update proceeded.

I see that you are using Fibre Channel storage, perhaps there is an
SQLite issue there?  What sort of filesystem are you using?

It it worth to make benchmarks with this WC with 1.6 and 1.7? I so, I can try to find the time for it.