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From Wabe W <>
Subject RE: Error when updating
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 10:20:36 GMT

From: Philip Martin <>

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 18:00:07 +0100

>People are replying to address in your Reply-To header.

Thanks for pointing this out. I don't use this hotmail address a lot and totally forgot the
address in the reply-to (which stopped working about 5 years ago...)

>Did you checkout the new working copy to the same location as the oldworking copy?  
Yes. I did.
>If so did you move/delete the old working copy first?

Yes. I moved them.

>What state is your working copy before the update that fails? 
Perfectly fine.Clean up work nicely, everything up-to-date, nothing wrong.

I also tried a checkout of a(n existing) repository to a different location. I get the same
error message when I try to update.

>Can you reproduce the problem with a local test
repository? I tried to reproduce the problem by making a local test repository. However, there's
no problem anymore. It works perfectly fine.

Maybe it is like this because our SVN server has not yet been upgraded to 1.7.
Although release notes say:"Older clients and servers interoperate transparently with 1.7
                servers and clients.  However, some of the new 1.7 features may
                not be available unless both client and server are the latest 
                version.  There are also cases where a new feature will work 
                but will run less efficiently if the client is new and the 
                server old."
It seems to me that SVN Update is not a 'new feature' and, therefore, it should work, right?
(Anyway, I will request an update of our server.)


Subversion Exception!
In file
 line 11039: assertion failed (base_status == svn_wc__db_status_incomplete)

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