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From Wabe W <>
Subject RE: Error when updating
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 15:27:41 GMT

First, please bear with my ignorance here. I only just figured out that I don't get a reply
to my e-mail in my inbox. I'm apparently supposed to visit this page...

Anyway, thank you for replying. To return to the problem:
>Does the problem occur with an upgraded working copy or with

>a new checkout? 

The answer is: with both.

>Can you please try a new checkout if you haven't already?

When it first happened (after upgrading) I tried a new checkout. But only for one of the directories.

Right now I checked out the two directories I'm currently using. And I still get the same
error message if I simply click SVN update.
Only if I commit (just anything) first and then update, it works fine - and only for that
directory it works.
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