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From James French <>
Subject Behaviour of reintegrate in 1.7.1
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 09:02:17 GMT
Hi guys,

Firstly, thanks for all the enormous effort on svn 1.7.x, and for all the great support. I
have high hopes for 1.7. Its great to see all those .svn folders banished.

I was prompted to give 1.7.1 a shot when a reintegrate merge task turned up where the destination
checkout was sparse, which was not possible at all in 1.6. If memory serves me correctly with
1.6 you could reintegrate into you working copy provided that the development branch had been
fully synced up to the same revision as the working copy. Once the reintegration was complete
you could update to merge in any further checkins and then checkin yourself. Am I correct
in this?

With 1.7.1 (tortoisesvn), it seemed that this might not be the case. The dev branch was synced
up to revision 10769 and the destination working copy was alsio at 10769 (using update to
revision). When I tried to reintegrate svn complained that revisions beyond the revision of
the working copy had not been synced up, and as other people checked in this number appeared
to grow.

I did not look much further than this, but this seemed fishy so I thought I'd ask here. We're
used to loads of hassle with mergeinfo and reintegrate merges (this is one area I'm praying
that svn 1.7 will greatly improve). The merge info has been such a headache over the last
few years that we're all a bit confused as to what's correct, what's buggy, what's left over
from previous bugs...

Oh I should say that this is using server version 1.6.17 and the merging was performed on
Windows 7.


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