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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: 1.7RC4 file externals produce errors on updates
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2011 21:28:43 GMT
Mothmonsterman <> writes:

> No, it was the 2011-10-11 — 1.7.0
> I just noticed there is a 1.7.1 release, so I upgraded client to it...
> No dice, still have same issue. (svn, version 1.7.1 (r1186859)).
> It is a 1.6 checkout upgraded to 1.7.
> My setup is identical to the test case described in Issue 4015, hence
> my reference to it.

Which version was used to do the upgrade?  If you upgraded the working
copy with an a 1.7 pre-release that was affected by 4015 then the
upgraded working will be faulty.  Changing the client will not fix a
faulty working copy.  If you upgraded the working copy with a released
1.7 then you should not see the problem and if you do we need to


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