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From Attila Nagy <>
Subject Re: Assertion failed and crash with 1.7.1
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 08:47:51 GMT
On 10/26/11 15:37, Philip Martin wrote:
> Attila Nagy<>  writes:
>> I'm trying to update a working copy of some tens of GBs with svn 1.7.1
> Did you upgrade with 1.7.0 or 1.7.1?
I've upgraded the WC with 1.7.0, then switched to 1.7.1, which I'm 
currently using.
The upgrade took nearly one week (I can't afford a clean checkout, 
because I have to preserve the files' inode numbers), at the start it 
was running very fast, and at the end of the week it could print a new 
directory in every 8-10 seconds, while the svn processes CPU usage was 100%.
The disks weren't touched, it seems that even with a database completely 
in the OS's buffer cache the SQL operations are pretty slow with a lot 
of files.
Could it be because some indexes are missing (or not optimized for this 
amount of files), or it is what we could get from SQLite?
>> $ svn up
>> Updating '.':
>> svn: E235000: In file 'subversion/libsvn_wc/update_editor.c' line
>> 1582: assertion failed (action == svn_wc_conflict_action_edit ||
>> action == svn_wc_conflict_action_delete || action ==
>> svn_wc_conflict_action_replace)
>> Abort (core dumped)
> Can you show us a gdb stack trace?
I'm sorry, this is a production machine and this error caused a major 
lockup in our business processes, so I've had to work around it, and I 
lost the core file in the process.
BTW, there was one tree conflict somewhere, it seems that an svn resolve 
solved the issue.
> How many working nodes do you have?
> sqlite3 .svn/wc.db "select count (*) from nodes where op_depth>  0"
The query say that I have one. (now, after the conflict resolution)

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