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From Andrey Paramonov <>
Subject Re: Merge strategies?
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2011 14:05:16 GMT
On 21.10.2011 17:32, Bob Archer wrote:
>> Hm, it looks like you should have really huge svn:mergeinfo in your latest
>> VersionX. Did you notice any slowdown?
> I'm not sure I would call it huge. Here is the mergeinfo on our newest in dev  version
path root:
> /Product/branches/B_01490:39129-39612
> /Product/branches/v6.0.0.1:3913-4250
> /Product/branches/v6.0.1-BOD:29569-30097
> /Product/branches/v6.5.1 B-06016 and B-06017:38413-38505
> /Product/branches/v6.5.2:39097-39128
> /Product/trunk:39633-40031
> /Product/v6.5.1:40032-42329
> /Product/v6.5.2:40827-45486
> /Product/v6.5.3:42165-45488
> /Product/v6.5.4:44500-46506
> /Product/v7.0.1:45519-46535
> /Product/v7.0.2:46560-47506
> /Product/v7.1.0:47440-48031
> (of course product isn't actually the product name)
> Keep in mind... whenever you merge the merge info is updated. The high number of the
range is changed rather than a new line being added. So each merge line there from say 7.1.0
represents multiple merges (I think three at this point). This also includes some merge info
from back when we still used trunk and release branches. As you see we do very few feature
> No, I don't notice any slowdown.
>> Also, as you usually merge upstream, I presume you could encounter
>> svn:mergeinfo conflict when 2 users merge i.e. into latest VersionX
>> simultaneously. Has it ever happened to you?
> No, we have a weekly task to merge and usually one person does it. However, I don't see
how there could be a conflict since it would be caught as a conflict at commit time if two
people tried to commit the same merge.

Yes, I'd like to avoid this "conflict at commit time". Such things tend 
to confuse users big time.

>>    From what I read, I see you use mergeinfo to prevent accidental cyclic
>> merges. Do you use it for something else? So far I don't understand how the
>> mergeinfo about upstream merges could be really useful.
> No, our merge policy is to prevent cyclic merges not the mergeinfo. The mergeinfo is
used for exactly what it is meant for. To keep track of previous merges so they won't be duplicated.
Prior to merginfo (was it added in 1.5 I guess?) we had to record that info in our commit
message and find it when the next merge was done. Now svn does that record keeping for us.

Ah, I now see that you basically merge everything, not cherry-pick. It 
makes sense for your setup. I now see that we could also do this (in 
rather rare cases when we merge upstream) if we have mergeinfo filled 
for our release branches.

Thank you for sharing your experience,
Andrey Paramonov

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