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From "Robert J. Gebis" <>
Subject Re: forbiden folders
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 18:01:53 GMT

On Oct 25, 2011, at 12:33 PM, Andy Levy wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 11:53, Robert J. Gebis <> wrote:
>> On Oct 25, 2011, at 10:28 AM, Andy Levy wrote:
>>> On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 11:23, Robert J. Gebis <> wrote:
>>>> Ok so this is the only way to get around this problem? Well dumping and reloading
is another with rev range.
>>>> Does svnadmin tool support true "drop to revision". Or would it be possible?
>>> What's your goal? It sounds like you've already fixed the filename in
>>> the repository, so a checkout of HEAD (or any other revision that
>>> doesn't contain the bad filename) should work fine. Are you saying
>>> that this is not the case?
>> I did fixed this problem by dumping repo from 1to my last good version , dropping
old repo creating new one and loading it back to new.
>> So I am good here. But this sure looks a long way there…. :) So looking for better
solutions if possible.
>>> Just don't check out/update to that
>>> particular revision on Windows and you should have no trouble.
>> Not sure what you mean here? How can you skip specific update? and move on to later?
>> Little confused what you trying to say here
> Let's say that the file named "aux" exists in revisions 100 through
> 110 (IOW, you added it as "aux" in revision 100, and renamed it to
> "misc" in 111). As long as you don't run svn co -r X or svn update -r
> X where X is between 100 & 110, then you'll have no trouble.
it is Folder not a File if that makes difference just to be clear… :) But is I want to update
to the latest lets say -r 115 on windows talking all changes I will have problem… Correct?
If that is the case the only way around it to dump/load or checkout fresh version?

>>> Where you're having trouble right now is the fact that your update
>>> with "aux" failed. Try svn cleanup on your working copy, if that
>>> doesn't let you continue then you'll need to do a fresh checkout.
>> I did try svn cleanup and that did not help. I always do cleanup in any "strange"
problems I encounter.
>>> You''ll have to explain what "drop to revision" means if you want to
>>> pursue that. Doing major surgery on your repository right now seems
>>> excessive to me.
>> Drop revision I mean using svnadmin (not svn for safety) and truly delete down from
HEAD to lower revision. It is kind of what I did in a long walk by dumping -r 1:1001 and loading
it back. Perhaps svnadmin trunk -r 1001 (1002 and 1003 would get truly removed).
>> Also I think this could be useful if you would want to backup rev 1 - 1000 and truncate
1-1000 to save space. This could be useful when long running project have a lot of changes
and perhaps keeping all history might not be desirable. I know I know disks ar cheep and big
these days :) Just idea...
> This can be done, but it's major surgery and invalidates all of your
> working copies; you'll have to check out all new WCs. And there are
> some cases where it may actually lead to an increase in space used by
> the repository.

I was under impression that this will/could be major surgery. So this was a suggestion for
But I ma puzzled by your last statement "it might actually lead to increase in space". How
it that possible?
If I trunkate -r 1:3000 and leave 3000 to HEAD how would this increase size? I know this is
the other case I am talking about here not the initial problem with aux. (possible other usage
in svnadmin trunk)

>>>> On Oct 25, 2011, at 9:48 AM, Andy Levy wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 10:42, Robert J. Gebis <>
>>>>>> I did run into a problem that I was no aware of and I want to bring
this up to attention. Also I would like to know what is the best way to handle such case since
it gave me little problem.
>>>>>> I am developing multi platform system. When I try to add "aux" folder
on linux I was able to commit just fine. Now wen getting update on windows I was getting strange
error saying that aux folder can't be created. Googling I found below link explaining reserved
words on windows.
>>>>>> Now I try to move aux to misc on Linux and committing it. That was
fine but still on windows I was not able to get latest.
>>>>>> It looks like it was updating all changes and (creation of aux) before
applying (move aux mic).
>>>>>> I try to delete misc on linux and committing it. Still windows was
complaining. It does not seems like svn have true "drop" to revision.
>>>>>> I ended up doing svnadmin dump -r 1:$GOOD_VER, created new repo and
loading it back. This is a long process.
>>>>>> Are there any other/better alternatives. I was pressed on time so
perhaps I did overlooked something?
>>>>> A fresh checkout (instead of trying to recover the half-updated one
>>>>> from your initial attempt, when the file was named aux)  should work
>>>>> fine. If you check out HEAD, the client should never see the file
>>>>> named "aux."

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