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From "White, David (KWI C54)" <>
Subject RE: Local repository move
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2011 09:03:01 GMT
I am still using 1.6 becuase when I last checked, the Collabnet distribution of the Windows
executables had not been updated to 1.7
The lack of %20 in the messages could reflect the fact that I had to copy the messages into
the email - they were in a dialog box, and as a text email, I could not paste the image.
I'm not on my own machine at present - when I am, I'll try to make the move again, possibly
manually putting the %20 in there.
I suppose if I can't get the relocate to work, I  could dump the repository and reload it
into the new one.  
I'll let you know how I get on.


From: Ulrich Eckhardt []
Sent: Fri 21-Oct-11 16:02
Subject: Re: Local repository move

Am 21.10.2011 09:41, schrieb White, David (KWI C54):
> My Repositories were originally in C:\DW and I want to move them to C:\Open\kwc54dw\DW
> I have copied the repository "AHEAProps Repository" to this new location

Since you are using file:// <file:///>  access, you need to tell each working copy
about the moved repository location.

> My working files were originally in C:\Dev and I have moved them to c:\open\kwc54dw\Dev

I assume with "working file" you mean "SVN working copy" (it's a bit
nitpicky, but better than misunderstanding). Anyhow, this is a second
change which is independent of the movement of the repository. In
general, you can move a working copy around as you like.

> When I try to do the switch from within TSVN:
> Command: Switch C:\Open\kwc54dw\Dev\AHEAProps to file:///C:/Open/kwc54dw/DW/AHEAProps
Repository, Revision HEAD
> Error: 'file:///C:/DW/AHEAProps%20Repository'
> Error: is not the same repository as
> Error: 'file:///C:/Open/kwc54dw/DW/AHEAProps%20Repository'
> Finished!:
> If I try to use the Relocate command from TSVN, I get this message:
> "If seems you are trying to relocate your working copy to a different path inside the
same repository.
> From: file:///C:/DW/AHEAProps Repository
> To: file:///C:/open/kwc54dw/DW/AHEAProps Repository
> A relocate is only needed if the path to a repository has changed.
> ... Improper use of relocate will corrupt your working copy!"

You shouldn't need any switch operation. In general, the URL of a
working copy consists of two parts, one is the location of the
repository, the other is the location inside the repository. If you move
the repository, you only need to change the former, which is achieved
using "svn switch --relocate" or since SVN 1.7 with "svn relocate".

In other words, your first switch operation should not be necessary
since you are not changing the path inside the repository. However, the
second relocate operation is necessary and I'm surprised it didn't work.
What strikes me there is that the space in the repository path was not
escaped using "%20" as it was in the switch operation. This could be a
bug in TSVN even.

You could try to create a new repository, check out a working copy and
then move that repository, avoiding paths with spaces on the way. If
that changes anything, you probably have discovered a bug. If you can
relocate your working copy using the commandline SVN client, then you
would also have shown that the bug is probably in TSVN.

BTW: It would be interesting to know if you are using 1.6 or the
just-released 1.7, because a few things concerning the handling of
working copies changed in that release. Also, if you are using 1.6 and
considering upgrading, I would wait for 1.7.1 which is supposed to fix a
few upgrade bugs.

Good luck!

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