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From B Smith-Mannschott <>
Subject how to get a list of unmerged revisions?
Date Sun, 19 Jun 2011 22:23:34 GMT
I've got a trunk and a maintenance branch. I periodically merge
changes from the maintenance branch to trunk.  Merge tracking is a
help here.

Commits on the maintenance branch begin with an ID identifying the
issue, backlog item or user story. When I merge changes to trunk, I'd
like to merge those belonging to the same ID together, but I don't
want to mix different IDs in the same merge.

To do this, I explicitly name the revisions I want to merge on the command line.

Now, how do I get Subversion to tell me which revisions of <branch>
have not been merged to <trunk>?

What I've been doing is either (1) firing up TortoiseSVN, which shows
already merged revisions in grey when you start a log viewer from the
merge dialog box or (2) actually doing the merge and then meditating
over the diff of the svn:merge-info property before reverting the
merge again and doing it properly.

Both of these approaches are awkward in the extreme. Surely I'm
overlooking something obvious.

// Ben

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