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From Wolfgang Röckelein <>
Subject Problem tagging from mixed rev working copy with a rename (copy+delete) from the past inside
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2011 08:05:16 GMT

I have two problems when creating a tag from a mixed rev working copy. Both
problems are caused by a rename (copy+delete) from the past inside.

One case is a directory, here I get the following error, XXXX is the deleted
local directory path:
    Working copy not locked; this is probably a bug, please report
svn: Directory 'XXXX' is missing
Can't find a working copy path
svn: Directory 'XXXX' is missing

Other case is a file, here I get the following error, XXXX is the deleted file
(relative path), YYYY is the tag path:
    Working copy is not up-to-date
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: File 'XXXX' is out of date
Filesystem has no item
svn: '/svn/mobil/!svn/wrk/4263dc38-ec4c-9042-9505-c5fb37cf8ea7/YYYY/XXXX' path
not found

Can I do anything to create the tag/copy somehow? Because of the mixed rev
working copy copying from head or a rev is not an option.

Thank you in advance,

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