I mean that I have a working copy of my project under:

This folder gets automatically updated with svn update on every commit with a post-commit hook
This folder also is "live", meaning that the files here are in use at all times, so nobody will be using this "working copy" as their development copy, it's just there to receive all the newest changes.

The scenario I want to test and know how to handle is when a file in /svn/hooks gets changed outside of svn and these changes never get commited into svn.

I understand what svn is and is not, but the files I will have inside svn will also be available and writable on a network, so I need to know how to handle files that get changed inside my live working folder outside of svn.

Also is there a way to change what gets written to a file when this occurs? All my scripts get corrupted because of the >>>>>>> and I'd like to at least put a # in front so that it's a commented line and doesn't affect the execution...

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Re: Help with files changed outside of svn

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 10:54, Christopher D Haakinson
<cdhaakin@us.ibm.com> wrote:
> I'm fairly new to svn, and I have things set up and running well.
> I wanted to test out a scenario where a file controlled by svn gets changed
> outside of svn inside the working copy, and now I'm lost and can't find much
> help on what to do.
> Here's my example: I setup the hooks folder as a svn project. Checked it out
> onto my windows box and made a small change, then committed the changes.
> Now I went through my command shell and manually changed a file outside of
> svn.
> Then I went back to my windows box and editted the same file with a
> different change.

Do you mean to say that you edited the same file in multiple working
copes? There is no "outside" svn as svn isn't a program in which you
edit files, and you can't edit directly in the repository.

> Now the original file contains: ">>>>>>> .r3" at the bottom
> Also I have some more files inside my working directory too:
> pre-revprop-change.tmpl
> pre-revprop-change.tmpl.mine
> pre-revprop-change.tmpl.r2
> pre-revprop-change.tmpl.r3
> Can someone please explain to me:
> 1) Why does >>>>>>> get put into the bottom of my files?
> 2) What are the 3 copies of this file for?

You have generated a merge conflict - you've changed the same line(s)
of the file in 2 different ways.

> 3) And now how do I get these files merged back into one copy with the
> changes made inside svn included and the changes made outside svn excluded?

You must now resolve the conflicts. See

As I said above, there is no "outside vs. inside svn" - you apparently
have changes made from 2 different working copies. This is a normal
situation but Subversion cannot handle this for you automatically -
YOU must tell Subversion which content is correct.