Found that there is a file named 'current' that stores the HEAD revision. When I kicked off svn verify on 133001 it complained that "revisions must not be greater than the youngest revision" so I knew they stored the HEAD revision somewhere. Once I updated the value of HEAD, I can see all the revisions :)

Running a svn verifier on the entire repository to make sure that nothing else is corrupted.


From: ankush chadha <>
Sent: Fri, February 4, 2011 1:47:34 PM
Subject: Need help in restoring the svn repository (server side)

Hi All

I am trying to recover the repository from a corrupted hard drive. I have very huge source repository, about 136000 revisions. Luckily I have a 4 month old backup.

I think I was able to recover the contents of db/revs and db/revprops folder as it contains 136000 + 1 files each. ( 1 file per revision and a 0 revision file)

There is a node-origins folder that has a bunch of files. I am not sure if I was able to fully recover files under this folder.

After restoring the files, when I booted up the svn server, its reading till 133000 revisions. Its not recogizing the revisions after 133000.

Does anyone know how to sync that up?