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From Tony Butt <>
Subject Re: ^M Appends to every line?
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2011 02:38:46 GMT
On Wed, 2011-02-23 at 20:03 -0600, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Feb 23, 2011, at 19:48, David Chapman wrote:
> > On 2/23/2011 4:44 PM, Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
> >> On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 11:39 AM, Les Mikesell wrote:
> >>> Short version: set the svn:eol-style property to native on the files where
> >>> you want subversion to manage line endings.  Your client may have a list
> >>> file suffixes where this would be set automatically.
> >> But in general, avoid it. If you're in a mixed platform environment,
> >> and you are tweaking files back and forth in end-of-line settings when
> >> you check them out in UNIX versis checking them out in Windows, you
> >> are in for a *world* of hurt. This is a source of enormous confusion
> >> for programmers when it works right, on one system, but not on the
> >> other due to local re-writing.
> >> 
> >> If you're on the UNIX or Linux sides, the "dos2unix" and "unix2dos"
> >> utilities are available with almost every distribution. For Windows,
> >> there are other tools, including the same tools under CygWin.
> > 
> > Uh, no.  Use of "svn:eol-style" avoids a world of hurt - programmers do not have
to run a script *every* time they check out a file.  Requiring users to run a script to fix
line endings in every sandbox is a recipe for disaster.
> > 
> > "dos2unix" and "unix2dos" are precisely the kind of local rewriting you want to
> Some have the view that setting svn:eol-style to native is a problem; perhaps that's
what Nico meant. Certainly, it would be a problem (wouldn't work as designed) if you check
out a working copy on a platform with one eol convention (e.g. Mac OS X) and move that working
copy to an OS with a different eol convention (e.g. Windows). If that is something you plan
to do, the alternative is to still use svn:eol-style but set it to a specific eol style instead
-- for example LF. Then you would have to configure all your editors on all platforms to use
that line ending style.*
> * Actually it does not matter if the editor decided, for example, to completely convert
the file from, say, LF to CRLF line endings. On commit, your Subversion client would notice
the change and convert it back to just LF before submitting it to the repository. The situation
Subversion won't handle for you, and will abort the commit with an error message, is if your
editor decides to save a file with mixed line endings. Such editors are broken IMHO. UltraEdit
is an example of an editor we used which was broken in this way, unless you remembered to
change a particular preference setting.
Another example is emacs (the one true ring (um) editor). But only if
there were mixed line endings to begin with.
> NOT using svn:eol-style at all will remove all eol checks that Subversion does, and if
you are using multiple editors on multiple platforms, you will most probably end up with files
of mixed line ending styles. THAT is a recipe for disaster.
I have in the past tried to use a smb exported share form a unix box on
a windows client. Don't do that, nothing but trouble.

Tony Butt <>
CEA Technologies

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