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From Robin <>
Subject Re: Files silenty disappear (no corruption) 1.6.15
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2011 16:51:03 GMT
 <kmradke <at>> writes:

> Did you add, or did the already have authz based access
> control?

No, I did not modify anything. The authz was the same when I created the 

> (And do you still have read access to that path?)

No, the path is missing in the current repository. I can only find it in my 
old backup a few weeks ago.

> Did you dump, filter, and reload the repository at
> some point removing files in that path?
> Either of these actions would result in log entries
> with (no date)...

Nope. Just normal usage.

> If you are using an unpacked fsfs repository, check
> to see the size of the
> file with the revision number in the db/revs directory.
>  Is it really small?

rev 98 is 174 MB

It is the same size in the current repository and in the old working backup.

rev 165 is 8 Mb.

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