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From Christopher D Haakinson <>
Subject svn update or rsync - which is best to update live files
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2011 19:39:05 GMT

Hi, I have subversion up and running quite well now(thanks to everyone
here :-))

Now I've come to the point in my development where I need to figure out
what's the best method for transferring my svn files to my live site.

I've read that I should use a post-commit hook, which is fine I'm using a
pre-commit hook already so I'm aware of how they work.

My main question is:  Which method is best for updating my live files?
Should I use rsync in my post hook or should I use  svn update?   this page
recommends using svn update, but I wanted to get some input from the
community too.

Thanks in advance!
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