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From Ryan Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Help with files changed outside of svn
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2011 16:40:43 GMT

On Feb 28, 2011, at 10:13, Christopher D Haakinson wrote:

> I mean that I have a working copy of my project under:
> /svn/hooks
> This folder gets automatically updated with svn update on every commit with a post-commit
> This folder also is "live", meaning that the files here are in use at all times, so nobody
will be using this "working copy" as their development copy, it's just there to receive all
the newest changes.
> The scenario I want to test and know how to handle is when a file in /svn/hooks gets
changed outside of svn and these changes never get commited into svn.
> I understand what svn is and is not, but the files I will have inside svn will also be
available and writable on a network, so I need to know how to handle files that get changed
inside my live working folder outside of svn.

If that's how you have Subversion set up (a directory containing the hooks, and it is a working
copy of a repository, and it is automatically updated in a post-commit hook), then the post-commit
hook really must be the only thing modifying it. Nobody should have the ability to make changes
there manually. All changes to this directory should occur by making the change in a working
copy the user has checked out, then committing the change.

> Also is there a way to change what gets written to a file when this occurs? All my scripts
get corrupted because of the >>>>>>> and I'd like to at least put a #
in front so that it's a commented line and doesn't affect the execution...

It is up to the user to resolve the merge conflict (i.e. remove those lines and retain the
correct merged version of the code) before committing the changes, before the server can "svn
update" its private working copy and try to run the scripts there.

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