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From Ole Pinto <>
Subject SVN: "Out of memory" when committing
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2011 09:07:07 GMT
Hello, I've just began in a new job and, due to the repo organization, I've
found a problem I didn't have before. I'm using the command line version of
svn, version 1.6.15 (SlikSvn/1.6.15) WIN32
   compiled Dec 17 2010, 14:03:07

I am getting the "Out of memory - terminating application" message when
checking in, without any regard to size of working copy or changes.

I have got to the point of knowing what cause it; the repo goes kind of:
│  ├──1
│  │  ├──release
│  │  └──trunk
│  ├──2
│  └──3
   │  ├──release
   │  ├──trunk
   │  ├──v5
   │  └──v6

I have a local copy of some of it, with the same structure (beginning at
root), for example:
│  └──1
│     └──trunk

Now I want to make big changes to l/l1, so I "cd /repo/l/l1; svn co
.../repo/l/l1/trunk my_trunk", change whatever, cd into my_trunk, and the
checkin will fail as described.

   1) put aside trunk, rename my_trunk to trunk and check in
   2) move my_trunk out of the local repository (ie. into /tmp/my_trunk) and
commit that.

Related, AFAICS, to issue
I'd say it's a P2 more than a P3, as I have found it every time I have

Any easier way? Changing the repo is not an option, but some change in how i
keep the working copy could be possible...


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